Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Fried eggs, bereavement and parenthood

I blogged my Observer/Comica/Cape entry: here.

Tags: comics, drawing
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Damn, that's good. I like the foreshadowing of the mum walking off into the rain. And that they listen to the Flaming Lips.
Ah, thank you! It is nice to think I'm getting better at this stupid hobby, even if I can't ever get noticed in this one contest :)
It's always good to get something done to a deadline and a brief, anyway, as I tell myself when I get rejections. And I end up with a piece of work that I wouldn't have done otherwise and I'm may be able to offload somewhere else. And it I don't, writing it was good practice...

Yes, I agree, all of that is absolutely what I tell myself too, although... I reserve the right to grump about it for a short while. :)

This was excellent and heartbreaking and wonderful.

Oh thank you so much - very nice to hear! :D