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You may laugh at me. Here is a timeline graphically depicting my return to knitting (last attempted circa 1978?), where you can clearly see my loopy efforts at the beginning, turning to neater rows when I suddenly figure out pulling to an equal tension at the end of each stitch.

A visual depiction of learning how to knit (me, not Item)

It's a chainmail grey (actually a bit more delicate and pleasing IRL) because that's what we had hanging about at home, and it has a green stripe because that was the scrap of wool my mum started me off on down in Exeter.

Now, questions:

1. Dear old non-judgemental Item doesn't mind it like this, and it's going to be a scarf for her. When it's done, I'll start a new one, in nice colours, and probably stripy. But, is there any simple way to unravel that first bit and reknit it? I'm guessing not (unravel yes, knit backwards, no).

2. Now I can do plain knitting, what should I learn next? I'd like to learn techniques while making simple things, rather than study techniques and then think how to apply them. Things I'm interested in making right now include moar scarves (for the Boy, Item and myself), fingerless gloves, hats, and maybe even a plain jumper eventually. Is there some resource that takes you through simple projects one at a time like this?

3. Everyone talks about Ravelry. Is that something I should look at?
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