Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Running sights

Some things I have seen while running along the seafront:

- A bride and groom, being photographed in the bandstand, under cloudy skies.
- A swallow, seen fleetingly as it swooped at eye-level, but unmistakable for its tail.
- A bearded tramp on a bench, surrounded by his bags and somehow eliciting steam from an electric kettle.
- A newly-painted shelter, white, with a string of cricket-ball-sized spheres along its roof-edge, bright yellow and looking, from a distance, like lights.
- Kite-surfers, small against the gradated grey silhouette of the Shoreham incinerator chimney.
- A drummer, alone, 2km down the undercliff path to Rottingdean, sitting on the wall and drumming to the sea.
- A *gang* of drummers, under the lower promenade's covered walkway, and making full use of its echo.

I can't stop and photograph these things, but I wish I could.

This guy, however, was at the end of my run yesterday, so didn't involve breaking my stride:

No-one around to congratulate me at the end of my run except this guy...

Presumably left after the children's parade, to be picked up later?
Tags: brighton, photos, running

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