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Holiday week, part 1

In news related to us having £0, I have a week off work this week, and we are trying to make it a bit like a holiday but without going anywhere*.

Waiting room at #Ford

On Saturday, we went to Arundel. We were planning to go to the castle, but it was a hot day, and on a whim, we bought Item a swimming costume in a children's clothes shop sale, and ended up going to the lido instead. We didn't have our costumes with us, but I was wearing shorts so I was able to paddle and keep an eye on Item.


In dad's shirt

We were extra careful with sun protection - last week, The Boy and Item both got really burned, on the first hot day after several weeks of rain. He'd put cream on her, but she'd gone in and out of the sea several times and clearly it had all just washed off. He was mortified.

Other notable events in Arundel included meeting a shop cat named Bartholomew, and managing to visit Sparks Yard without actually buying anything (although Item did fall deeply in love with an outdoor display swing-seat, which cost an astonishing £2,100).


Quiet days out, a speciality.

That's some clouds

*I have a yearning to go to Denmark next year - purportedly this approach should be helping us to save up for it, but actually we don't seem to be amassing any money as a result.
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