Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

The Strumpet comic is kickstarting itself

The Strumpet, the comic I was drawing a strip for a couple of months ago, is funding via Kickstarter. I've never been involved in a Kickstarter project before, so this is an exciting turn of events for me!

This is the link.

Look! If you invest $ now, you get some really neat free goodies, including the opportunity to possess an incredible one-off portrait by our own dear cleanskies.

Of course, my overpowering thought at seeing this is *how good* everyone else's work is compared to my own, but let's try to sweep my own insecurities aside. You should totally buy it.

(Oh look, that's annoying - you can't embed a Kickstarter video. Here's why. Bah.)
Tags: comics, drawing

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