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NaNoCloBloMo or whatever it is

Oh, this whole 'post what you're wearing every day in November' thing took me by surprise. I really like it though: it seems I have an infinite appetite for seeing what people buy, where they buy it, how they put it together with other things, and how they feel about it. In a nutshell, there always seems to be more to say than 'these are my clothes' - there are always stories around them.

I'm sure I also have an infinite ability to rabbit on about my own clothes - apologies in advance if that will bore you. :/

Anyway, I thought - in a flash of bravado no doubt informed by the fact I'm off work at the moment - it'd be good for me to draw my outfit each day rather than photograph it. Hm, that could only go well, eh.

The benefit for you is that not only do you get to see my clothes, but you also get to see how I think I look in them. Which will no doubt be amusing for those of you who have seen me in real life. And the benefit for me is, a) I get to practice my drawing and b) I can edit out extra chins and make my tummy look flatter.

I hope some other people will join in - drawing or photographing.

1st Nov 2012

Yesterday: Actually I was in running clothes most of the day. I didn't even manage to go running in the end, as The Boy and I spent all morning clearing out the cupboard under the stairs, and then I spent the afternoon touching up paintwork (and getting paint on my running clothes, tch).

At the end of the afternoon, I changed to go out and meet two ex-colleagues: the three of us sat together at ex-job. We've all left now (well, they left, while I was booted out) and one of them has also moved away from Brighton. She'd come back for a wedding.

I wasn't sure what to wear as we'd talked about maybe going out for cocktails; in the end, we just went for a pint or two in a cosy pub, so I was glad I had put on an outfit that was more casual than glitzy. Actually, the cat-eared hat was only on when I was also wearing my duffle coat, stomping down the hill to the North Laine. Under the coat was my blue jersey wrap-dress and a massive cotton three-colour scarf, which looks a bit like a watercolour of a university scarf - stripes, with watery edges.

Make-up, too - including sparkly silver eye-liner. when you try to draw mascara, unfortunately it turns into the shorthand for 'attractive woman' - well, at least, that's my explanation for this looking like a picture of a sexy young thing rather than a nearly 44-year-old.

It was lovely to see my pals, but while we were reminiscing, they told me something shocking about ex-ex-boss that has given me such a horrific mental image that I'm going to take many weeks to get over it.

Today, I did actually go for a run, so the first half of the day saw me in three-quarter length lycra tights, little running socks that don't peep over the edge of your trainers, a special nylony long-sleeved shirt that's meant to wick your sweat away from your body, my David Icke-esque turquoise windcheater, and a headscarf thingy from Seasalt.


I got home to find that a parcel had arrived from eBay, though. Yep, after weeks of being skint, we're slightly more in the black, and I splashed out on a White Stuff dress I wanted months ago, but it was sold out in my size. I'm not really sure how some eBay sellers sell on new high street clothes (sometimes with the labels chopped out) - I assume they're some kind of seconds?

Anyway, it arrived super-quickly and it's a perfect fit which is fab. I love the huge seedheads pattern. I've got another enormous scarf on - this time a grey one - and a cardi from Kew (which always reminds me of groovydogs.

Bonus: here is a sketch I did of Item and her friend cutting up and colouring in. Not a good likeness of either of them (and Holly has a big blue blot that has leaked through from a picture of the Owl and the Pussycat), but I enjoyed it.

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