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Poor Item woke me up thus: "Mummy. Mummy, it's important.. Mummy, can you poo in your sleep?"

Cut to explosive diahorrea and then several pukes. She's asleep on the sofa now, after getting down to dry retches. :( Poor thing, she's so rarely ill, which is a blessing, but it comes as a shock to us all when she is.

Anyway, that's given me plenty of time to get today's clothes sketch done. I did Item too, during the brief twenty minute phase when she felt well enough to stand up.

OK, I have to admit that today I actually woke up and thought I'd better put on something different from yesterday, given this project.


This doesn't really show just how bright turquoise my dress is. It's a charity shop find, jersey cotton, incredibly comfortable. For ages it hung in my wardrobe because although it's such a comfort garment, its gathered empire line didn't do my figure any favours. Now I've shed a small amount of weight, and I put it on one morning and thought, wow.

First-thing-in-the-morning mirror experiences rarely stand up to closer examination later in the day, but this is still one of my favourite dresses. I put the orange scarf on because the other day I happened to be taking a picture of a fireplace with a big orange flower in it, and the same dress was caught in the reflection, and the two colours looked so good together.

The navy jumper rather mutes the effect, but this is a great dress to also wear with a red or lime green vest or t-shirt under it.


And here's Item, one sock half covered by her leggings. It's a look.
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