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Clothes today

So, yes, back to work today, and it was indeed harder to fit in the drawings, not least because we also went out to set off some fireworks in the park.

The picture of me was a LOT better before I painted it - gah, should have scanned it first, just in case. I am having to remind myself that these are hurried sketches and a means to becoming better at drawing, so they don't have to be perfect.

One thing I *am* enjoying is that I'm filling up my sketchbook very rapidly with drawings and paintings. Normally my sketchbooks are a real hodgepodge of different themes, and take months or years to get anywhere near full.


The Boy dressed Item again. Obviously this was before we left the house after dark to watch fireworks, when I ensured she was in a fleece, tights under her jeans and a duffel coat and Cookie Monster woolly hat over the top of it all. She was running around so much that she took it all off again after a few minutes.

The Van Gogh t-shirt is a souvenir of our Amsterdam holiday. They only had adult sizes, so I bought an XXS one and it was like a dress on her. Two years later and it's beginning to look more like a t-shirt. Unlike most holiday t-shirts, I feel like this is a nice one to carry on wearing long after the holiday is over: who can object to 'Van Gogh' as a sentiment, and in such a nice font too?

A shout-out for the Hello Kitty Crocs, too. I suppose they either offend your every sensibility (Crocs! Hello Kitty!) or you embrace them. I'm in the latter camp. I love them, and they're faux-fur lined too. Ideal for arsing about in a cold park after dark, while fireworks go off all around you.


Meanwhile, it was a running day for me today, so I started off in a long-sleeved running top, sports bra, and lycra 3/4 length tights. I put my mySociety hoodie on over the top while I worked at my desk. As I work from home, often no-one except the Boy and Item will see me all day, so I can wear sports clothes. It's a bonus not having to shower or bathe as soon as I come in from my run - there's no-one around me to offend, if I delay until after work.

I have to admit, I like wearing running tights. If there's one part of my body that approaches any conformity to societal ideals of beauty, it's me legs, especially since I took up running - and nothing shows them to better effect than a pair of very tight lycra leggings. Muscles! Curves in all the right places! Phwoar, etc.

To go to the park, I put jeans on over my tights, an extra pair of socks, and two more t-shirts, plus a woolly hat and my own duffel coat. I still got cold toes.
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