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Cothes for today


- I mended a rip in this brown needlecord smock yesterday, perhaps ill-advisedly, by cutting out a bright orange leaf shape from felt and stitching it over the top. It possibly looks a bit like a mad tail.

- As you can see, I have doubts over the correct spelling of 'wooly'.

- I wore a wooly/woolly hat most of the day, because the heating goes off during the day time, and it gets cold.

- I have on the very tight stretchy black jeans I bought on a day trip to Hastings, when I properly fell right into a puddle and got a soaking wet skirt. The silver lining was that they're so useful I now wear them all the time (and they are so tight, I probably wouldn't ever have looked at them under different circumstances, but we needed to get *something* and the charity shop didn't have a massive choice).

- Chartreuse goes with everything. I love wearing it. It was trendy about three years ago, which is good for me because it means there's lots of it in charity shops these days.

- Item is wearing a Cookie Monster hat. She and her best friend have been Cookie Monster-obsessed for a few years. They play what is basically a game of Chase, but call it 'Cookie'; as you run, you shout 'Cooookie' in Cookie Monster's voice. Item's pal is called Cookie as a nickname, and (to my amusement) she calls Item 'Veg' (because she's a vegetarian). It feels a bit like something a hard-boiled NBew Yorker might semi-affectionately call a wussier friend.

The Boy bought this hat for Item and then bought the same one for a couple of her friends' birthdays, so they occasionally all turn up in the school playground wearing them at once. The Cookie Crew.

- The fleece is another Totnes holiday purchase. Slightly disappointed that after a wash, it lost its spring.

- The skirt was also from a holiday, this time from when we went to Hebden Bridge. I guess the purse strings relax. She's certainly worn it enough to make it worth its slightly steeper than high street price label though.

- Those turquoise tights have a hole in the knee the size of a tangerine, I discovered as she undressed for her bath tonight. I think the path of least resisitance will be to chop them into knee socks.
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