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Clothes for today

So it was another running day today. I thought I'd spare you the same old clothes (K Swiss trainers as it was off-road, full length running tights, base layer long-sleeved tee, wind cheater jacket, and cold enough, at 11 degrees, for the addition of my black fleece hat) and do my night attire, which I changed into after my bath.


This really is a 'not to be seen in public' get-up: I like the idea of the long stripy t-shirt/nightie in theory (it was all modern, Scandi design in my head, when I bought it, but in real life it's just sack-like and unflattering). As noted, the white stripes are further apart IRL than I've drawn them.

The pyjama trousers are probably the best nightwear I've ever purchased. I'm surprised to see how much Boden Item and I have between us - I respond well to their big sales email and catalogue campaigns, I suppose. I don't wear buttons in bed so I didn't get the matching pyjama top, but I love the design (chickens, chicks and flowers, a bit smaller than represented here) and the soft flannel fabric. Actually, I'm waiting for Boden to bring out another design I like this much so I can get another pair - this season's were a bit meh, muddy colours, conventional checks.

The slippers are a direct replacement of the pair I lost in hospital after the second miscarriage; the very fact that I can pinpoint that probably means I should be replacing them with a completely different pair. Having said that, this dressing gown is a replacement for the replacement of the miscarriage one - that first replacement having also been just too much of a reminder. I'm not sure where the chain ends satisfactorily. Maybe just with time, making the whole idea of replacement redundant.

But yes, the dressing gown. It was my Christmas present from The Boy last year - he was heavily guided towards it. It made his mum say, 'Oh, you always buy each other such nice things' when I unwrapped it.

I think I'll always love it, and all the more when it becomes a bit ratty. It's the dressing gown that Sushi Nori spent his early days in our household tucked into, no doubt feeling safe to be near a warm body and a heartbeat.


Here's Item. A spotty hooded top over a spotty dress, and a pair of jeans with a spotty patch at the knee. It's a bit easy to overdo the spots in both our wardrobes. The top is from Joules - also in the sale; it's lasted extremely well. The dress was from a Monsoon sale and it's much too small really, but has been through dress and smock iterations, and now just about does service as a top.
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