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Clothes, day 8

I was super-busy today at work. I mean, on a normal day, there's plenty to do, but it's generally pretty much at my own pace. But on a launch day - of which we seem to have an increasingly frequent number - everything's pressing. We were launching Mapumental Property, a really excellent toy/bit of software/house-hunting tool. Have a look! Spread the word!

The launch went well, fingers crossed. The same cannot be said for today's clothes. Fortunately, I only left the house to drop Item at school, and then there was a duffel coat over the lot of it, looking quite neat with only the scarf showing.


I was warm at least. What I had on was: a green 'Nixon' t-shirt; a grey and black striped t-shirt, a jumper, and over the top, my spotty H&M hoodie that was once navy blue and has now faded to purple. I remember worying that it was too loud when I bought it, but it's probably my most-worn item of clothing, and the only mystery is why it hasn't appeared in these drawings until now.

The scarf is just excellent, one piece of cloth with a single print, of dots that are about the size of a pea on one side, and on the other half dots about the size of a bubble gum ball.

Bottom half: black leggings and this wrap skirt which is little more than an unhemmed piece of canvassy cloth with a bit of velcro at the top and a terrible propensity to flash my entire thigh. I do like the colour and the kind of atomic elderflowers pattern, though.

In short, nothing matched and if I'd expected to see anyone today (never mind that I opened the door to the postman only to be greeted by him flinging his arms open wide and crying, "It's meeeee! Who else could it be?") I'd very much have taken this lot off and re-dressed.


Meanwhile, Item was in a wonderful cotton top made by kitschycookids, which we comissioned a couple of years ago - it was big then and there's still plenty of room in it. One day, kitschycookids posted the new fabrics she had taken delivery of and I loved this trees design. Since we had this made, it's been on every holiday we've ever taken and I often put it on Item for special occasions.

Today it went with the stripy leggings we bought for her yoga classes, which we then ducked out of for financial reasons. Big blouson top and skinny little legs, it's a look.

Of course, she had a jumper on before she left the house - it was a big pink fleece - and she had on the same blue Boden boots.


I am getting a bit concerned with how preoccupied by frivolous things these posts are. Perhaps I'll cut back on the actual descriptions of how I feel about the clothes and where I got them, unless there's anything immensely sgnificant. After all, there are another 22 days to go...

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to London. I think I'll be in the same dress as I wore for Day 1. But also, I'm taking my sketchbook because I feel really keen on sketching a bit more - on the train, in museums, etc.
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