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Days 9 and 10

Right, so today I look like:


Which is my excuse for any failings in today's drawings (and indeed in life itself). I had a wonderful time yesterday, but for some reason, despite only having two beers and being in my actual bed in Brighton by midnight, I've been decimated all day, so the blow by blow account will have to wait until I'm perkier.


Here's Item today. Funny thing is, I'm beginning to enjoy this type of drawing more than the straight-up-and-down ones, even though you can see the actual clothes less well (and it's a stinker of a picture in terms of anatomy, too).

Item wears a beautiful pale peach dress from Fat Face, bought against my better judgement, as pale colours really tend to make her look very wan. But, teamed with her zingy green cardi and a pink top underneath it tends to be ok, and I really love the shape (kind of Victorian over-smock shape), the swallows design and the nubbed fabric.

Oh, and today's pictures are done with inks - a birthday present from The Boy (who was heavily guided by my Pinterest wishlist; genius he may be, but not *that* much of a genius). I really love the effect they create, eg on Item's hair here. They are so bright, so easy to overlay and so entirely a joy to use.

Here's me yesterday, birthday girl.


It looks a lot more pared down and simple than the reality probably was, but I based it on a quick snap I took in the loos at Somerset House - which inexplicably came out making me look well elegant. It *was* my birthday so I feel I can cut myself a little slack and wallow in the belief that I look like that all the time... for a while.

Me, in the poshest public toilets known to man

The key thing to notice in the illo is my main birthday gift from The Boy (yes, still a genius, yes, still guided by Pinterest) - an Orla Kiely bag. It occured to me, as I walked through Brighton station wearing my gorgeous new bag, that I'd crossed the line between those women I look at and enviously grumble to myself, well, she's well off, if she can afford an Orla, to becoming one myself. Not an entirely comfortable leap, I have to say.

The Boy spoilt me, which given our current financial circs doesn't seem so wise this year, but... I can't really complain. He saved up his tiny salary to buy me something I'd kind of fantasy pinned. It was all the more a treat given how we've bought practically nothing the last few months. So, um, I don't know. I'm conflicted. He genuinely shouldn't have. But, y'know. I love it. So I'll shut up now.


And here's Item yesterday, looking a little more like a neanderthal than she did in real life, dressed as she was when I dropped her off at school. I like that dress. It's warm and it's one of those 'just add pants and tights and you're dressed' pieces. And it has a Twitter-esque bird on it. My mother in law has good taste.

This was before she put her werewolf costume back on. I think that's going to deserve a post of its own.
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