Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 11

OK, so I probably would have popped into the charity shop on the way home from my run. But knowing I would be painting my clothes this afternoon? It probably pushed me that little inch further towards a purchase.

Or two purchases...


A tomato-red cardi with square buttons, and a purple cotton smock, to be precise. I'm really pleased with them though. I wouldn't say the red and the purple go together, but with my turquoise dress... it kind of works. I think so, anyway.

I'm also wearing H&M leggings with a design of a white line and handwriting. It's hard to read what it's supposed to say, but there's definitely one bit that says 'love' followed by 'so dizzy'. :|

The socks are from Noa Noa. I love their clothes and would happily wear them if any of them blinkin' fitted me, but they don't, so a pair of socks is as far as that particular love affair can progress.


Item is drawn from memory. I forgot that I'd sewn a heart-shaped patch on the leggings, which are really thin material and got a hole in them after only a couple of wears. There should also be some white clouds in amongst the lines - and like me, but completely coincidentally, her leggings also feature an obscure wording design - I think they might say 'peace'.

Her top is made by my Twitter-turned-real-life friend Nicole. Every year since Item was 2, we'd bought her a t-shirt with her age on it for her birthday, but the place we bought them from only goes up to an age 5. I tweeted about this, and Nicole not only whipped up a '6' t-shirt, but threw in a 'T' one at the same time. It was so kind of her. The T is made of a fabric with rows of kawaii animals.

The boots are very lightweight too, but they've lasted ok and I like their kind of eighties vibe. Item put on her purple Seasalt fleece before going out.
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