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Day 12



I really like these jeans - I got them off some probably long-folded website for green/eco goods. They arrived with a note from the person who packed them to say that she hoped I liked them and that she had a pair she's always liked too - for some reason, I think about that every time I put them on.

The belt is just annoying though - the buttons are all coming off and they catch on the belt loops when you try to thread it through.

The necklace is made out of a piece of broken china, sanded down so it has smooth corners. It shows a bird and there's also a piece of heart-shaped metal embedded on it. I should draw a close-up one day.

For once, I have different footwear on. These zip-up Oxygen ankle boots have just about all my favourite boot qualities - flat, wide, getting battered but not broken with time. Well, the zip pull has come off one of them. But the leather is still strong.

More Seasalt clothes for Item. If this exercise has taught me anything, it's that we have more Seasalt and White Stuff garments than I'd ever have guessed. The skirt is more navy than I've coloured it.

She never normally has all her cardi buttons done up, but for some reason she did them up today.

You can see all the pictures so far here.
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