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I had high hopes for today's pictures when they were just outlines - I haven't coloured them very well. :/

Running day.

It shouldn't matter what you wear when you run, but it's very motivational having nice kit. I bought the top with birthday money from my mum, at Nike Town in Oxford Circus. I like it because it's not too often you can find running wear that's interesting without being garish.

That's not just my attempt at shading, it actually has a diagonal section where the stripes are grey/grey while the rest of the shirt is black/grey. It was fun to draw.


The running tights don't really make me look like I'm wearing a big nappy, that's just me colouring them in poorly.


Item is in purple jeans, much purpler than they look here. She's been going through the knee of every pair of trousers recently; I don't know if they've all reached the same stage of frailty or wheter she's started playing games that involve more knee-sliding, or what.

The jumper was in a Gap Kids sale. We call it the 'fat bee' (and she did have a plain black one we've lost, called 'fat ant') because we bought a ruffly party dress at the same time and when she put the jumper on top of the dress, it filled out like, well, a fat grey bee.

The blue and pink striped t-shirt, just seen, was a hand-me-down from some friends or other. She's ben wearing it for years, first way too big, now about right. It's one of those tops you can just tell is really comfy and easy to wear.

There's a mad Hawaian print pink and yellow vest under all that lot, too.
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