Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 16

What a terrible likeness of my little Item! But the clothes are accurate...


So yes, Item told us last night that hse had to wear 'bright clothes' for Children In Need. In fact, the message was a bit lost in translation, as I realised as we walked to school and saw everyone else in fluorescent clothing - but never mind, Item was undaunted and she was just as blinding to the eye.

She pretty much put her outfit together this morning today, by choosing everything bright; she wanted to wear the big pink and blue piece of cloth as a cape but I thought it looked brilliant as a scarf.


Mine was not a particularly successful outfit today, but I did get to wear a pair of shoes that have been consigned to the cupboard for too long as they are rather tight. They're these silver-toed brogues. I think they look best with trousers, actually.

Havng said that Noa Noa clothes don't fit me, here I am in a silky bottle-green skirt of theirs, size 14, but it has become very tight around the waistband towards the end of the day.

The scarf is a White Stuff one featuring cats and dogs and the words 'meow', 'mew', 'woof', etc. I'm not that keen on the colour but I love the graphic design.
Tags: artwork, baby, clothes, drawing, school

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