Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
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Day 19

Scanner still dodgy. Or, I've never noticed its appallingness with colours before because I mainly upload line drawings?


Today, I put on this skirt (second hand Monsoon) from the back of the wardrobe. I don't wear it much because it's slightly too big, and sits low, and that, together with how gathered it is, makes me look super-hiptastic, and not in the good sense of 'hip'.

Other than that, though, it ticks a lot of my boxes: greens and blues, stripes, A-line, yadda yadda. I didn't feel so wide today, then again, I didn't go out or see anyone apart from the family and Item's playdate, so who knows.

The top is this very fine material with a texture of rough cheesecloth, from Cos. It has long sleeves that can go over the hand. It's long in the body, too. Curious, because most of the clothes Cos make are very angular and depend on being able to fall from the shoulder with no bumpy bits in the way, and much as I like the look of them, they just look frumpy or ridiculous on me (that's the ones I don't find preposterous - they're only moments away from making a three-armed cardigan with leather epaulettes and slits at the elbows, as far as I can tell).

You cannae see the tights but they fit, which, at 5'10" is a very rare state of affairs, I can tell you. I'd better consult the label and figure out where I got them. M&S, I expect. Also unseen, red Boden vest, candy striped bra, Hello Kitty knickers.

Still can't draw hands, and have given myself a much-desired breast reduction, probably subliminally.


Here's the babby, looking several years younger than she really is again. It is *so hard* drawing age-specific children. Normally, my sketches of Item come out with her looking 35. I expect that I'm lazy and have learned the rough proportions of adult faces, and put them into everything no matter what.

We had that hooded red cardigan from Next and lost it somehow; I tracked another one, a size larger, down on eBay and bought it. I was very pleased with myself at the time, though I'm not sure now why I set so much value on it. It's nice enough, and red is always a useful colour, but the cut is slightly impractical, as it always seems to fall off Item's shoulders.

The bubble skirt is another bespoke kitschycookids creation, with a green/blue tulips or bluebells motif all over it. When we went to London to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, we exited South Kensington tube to see a woman wearing an entire dress made of this fabric, much to Item's interest (she mentioned it again when we put the skirt on her this morning), but I've not seen it anywhere else.

She has a plaster (on the other hand from where the arrow appears to be pointing) with Miffy on it - I think we got them in Amsterdam, and possibly from the Miffy shop. I've previously not been very good at using things that I like, but I'm getting better at realising there's no point in stashing them away and never getting the joy from them. The plaster is because she was giving Sushi Nori too much love this morning.


Today, Item came and sat with me and drew herself as well. This picture (again, the colours didn't scan well) pleases me so much - and teaches me so much about loosening the hell up. I'd love to stop worrying about likenesses and make blurry blobby lines like this. Maybe one day I will.

Also, I like that pretty much the only thing she bothered to write was 'not seen - pants'. To which I ought to add 'GOOD'.
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