Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 20

In a rush today, what with one thing and another - and the level of detail I decided to do on Item's dress pattern didn't help. Consequently I did my own image very quickly. If there's a way to capture the vibrancy of ink splashed and pooled *before it dries and goes tame*, I want to know it. Maybe just immediate photos.


My scarf pretty much is that big - it's a great big rectangle of striped jersey from Accessorize. You've seen almost everything else before, bar the red polka dot t-shirt. Everything was that extra bit more puffy because of there being a full layer of running clothes beneath, but at least I've been warm all day.


Item wore another holiday purchase from the wonderful toy/clothes shop at Hebden Bridge - Danish label Phister and Philina again.

It's this mint-coloured very fine needlecord dress, with a pocket at the back and a gathered bottom hem to give it a bell shape. But what caught my eye was the insane print, which reminds me of the work of Helen Dardik - only it's even more crazy than her usual stuff, so I don't *think* it is. The trees, birds and mushrooms are wearing high heels, for example, and the fox has a bum hole. I dunno - if it isn't her, it could be considered an underhand rip-off, I suppose..

I haven't really done it justice, what with Item dancing around singing songs and doing her own painting... excuses, excuses, always. Ah, here you go, from their catalogue:


NOT SEEN: pants.

Tomorrow, I have a rare meeting with people outside my own immediate colleagues - even rarer than the ones *with* my immediate colleagues, and they are pretty rare these days. So I have to decide on something relatively smart to wear. Which I will do now, or I won't be able to sleep.
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