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Day 21

Scanner - up to its old tricks again. Have had to colour-adjust to take the green out of skin tones, which has made everything else more magenta than it ought to be.


So, off to meet a train operators' customer services department today. Knowing I'd be stepping into a conventional office environment, I returned to the style of clothing that I wore every day in the old place. It's quite a jolt to realise what a lot of difference there is, in terms of colour, conformity, and smartness.

When my old workplace was situated in the midst of Hove and I cyceld there along the seafront every day, I actually got asked whether I ever wore skirts, because I very rarely deviated from three or four pairs of trousers that were good for cycling in. Then when we moved to the building behind Brighton station, and I started walking in, a skirt and top pretty much became my uniform.

This is a dress, though, and I like it for being both smart and a bit different. It's from M&S and is an empire line while still catering for my capacious bosom, which makes for a nice fit. The fabric is quite thick - I've got a vest and that fine Cos top on underneath, and have been warm enough all day. It's the dress I wore to my interview for this job, as well.

Seeing how often I've worn these Fly boots underlines my basic footwear strategy, which is to buy a very comfortable pair of boots and wear them through autumn, winter and most of spring. When the temperature gets too high for boots, I start wearing my Birkenstock sandals (for casual) or my pink Hush Puppies (slightly more formal) or my Clarkes mushroomy-grey slightly-heeled mary-janes (smart). If I ever tell myself I need shoes beyond those, I'm basically kidding myself.

The suit jacket is so old that it's from Principles, before it folded and then got taken over by Ben De Lisi (why do I know so much about Principles?). I suspect the style is rather dated now - it has 11 buttons down one side, about twice as many and about twice as close to one another as you might expect. I did used to really like Principles for its quirky stuff, so I'm glad it's re-emerged.

I'm wearing a brooch that just happened to be on the jacket. I got it one day in London, when I was exploring the Oxo Tower Wharf studios. I can't remember why I happened to have a day in London (oh, maybe that was the day I went to see Nick Cave give a reading at the Festival Hall - I think it was), but I do remember that I briefly lost my wedding ring on the same day and was really touched by a couple of people on Twitter saying they were nearby and would come and help look (power of social media, there).

In the end I found it in one of my carrier bags. :|

ETA: I forgot my earrings. They're these:

I've been wearing little heart-shaped silver studs for months but I've lost one of the backs and the replacement one I put on pinged off too. Just trying to replace my barbells now, which I don't like the look of as much.


Poor Sushi Nori.

I love the pattern of this top on Item. I went loopy the Xmas before last, when at the in-laws and Bambino Goodies started listing the kids' designerwear sales. I snapped up lots of very cheap stuff, including this. It's done well - she's just growing out of it now, and it is beginning to look a little tatty round the edges.
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