Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 22

Poos, the scanner stuff is really annoying and I have no time to put it right. Everything that is a subtle blend of different flesh colours on the sketch book page comes out one shade of grey (the boring version of the erotica smash hit, there).


Running day again, so you get pyjamas, again. There are possibly 4 more running days in the month and very little more sleepwear I can show you, so I'm going to have to think about that.

This Google top was given to me by cartographer who works at Google and was giving some away - perhaps when she emigrated to New York?

From what I surmise from pictures of cartographer, she is a very different size and shape to me, but it fits, in a nice kind of 'girl tight' way, or however t-shirt shops describe these things.

My main memory of this top is of wearing it at the old job, on a 'wear what you want' charity day, and of someone looking at it and, after a few seconds, going, "Oh yes, I get it! Ha ha, very funny!" - which really puzzled me at the time, as I read it as having no real message beyond 'Google' and 'woman'. Maybe it was released for International Women's Day, or something.

It has literally *only just hit me* in the last week or so that they might have read it as "Go and Google feminism, you piece of patriarchal scum', or thereabouts.

The PJ trousers are another example of Anthropologie's seemingly random approach to design. There are about seven or eight different styles of drawing, from cartoony to highly details pencil sketches, all of birds.

And, oh look, special, lightweight, no sweat, no seams running socks. Fancy.


Item surprised me this morning by knowing 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French.

This fleece top was a fleece dress when I bought it. I reckon Item was about 4. I got in on a business trip to Boston, of which my abiding memory is the absolute crazy intense sense of having abandoned your child that nature puts you through when you're a mum (maybe when you're a dad too, I don't know). I'm sure I was batshit crazy the whole trip.

I made up for it by going home with stuff like this, a pile of American picture books, a Knuffle Bunny, and a fleece Hello Kitty onesie.

The Etsy t-shirt is another long-runner. It's in the style of a US subway sign (I think? I'm doubting that now as I write it) with the letter as a sewn-on patch.
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