Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 23

Bleurgh, can you tell I wasn't enjoying drawing these today?


I forgot about these trousers until I was looking for smart clothes to wear to my meeting on Wednesday - they were hanging with two other pairs of trousers in the midst of the wardrobe - so apologies for any musty smell to sleepygoldfish, whom I met for a sandwich at lunch time today. Mind you, we sat in a basement of a cafe in Hanover, so, you know, who's going to notice a little more mustiness.

Not only had I forgotten these trousers, but I'd also forgotten their fatal flaw, which is that they're just a little bit too loose. You either have to tread on the hems all day, or bunch your fists into the pockets and hold them up while you walk. I have a feeling they might have originally come with a belt made of the same fabric (minute brown dogtooth check on cotton, that makes me want to call it Harris tweedesque, only without the tweed), but I'm darned if I know where that is, and any other kind of belt is going to look odd.

They're from Fat Face - shout out once more for Item's classic joke upon seeing a branch in Dartmouth, "Mummy! I can see a Fat Face... [pause].. and it's yours!".

I love the colour and feel of this jumper - it's made of some kind of rough, stringy knit - ah, the label says 59% linen and 41% cotton.

I've been feeling annoyed about not being able to put my hands on this brooch for this entire project - it'd look so great on that red cardi - and I found it this morning pinned to a top in the wardrobe, yay. This was a birthday gift last year, from my friend Emma, again, heavily hinted at via the power of Pinterest. Never get a dud gift again. ;)


Great tights/shorts combo courtesy of grandma; the spotty Joules hoodie is a frequent standby; underneath it is the top she wore for the PYO farm, the one with lots of veg all over it. She always looks very young in it - but as soon as she put the hoodie over the top, I suddenly felt like she was looking long-legged and coltish.
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