Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 24

I know this is getting boring, but arrrrgh on the scanner turning skin tones grey/green.


Today, I wore a Noa Noa padded skirt from a charity shop. It's size M and I can only wear it if I don't do the zip up all the way, but don't tell anyone. I really like it - it has these bats neo-classical line drawings all over it, and then further pictures in silver stitches over the top.

I *never* tuck my top in - curse of the busty - but I did today because my t-shirt is so much longer than the cardi and it looked silly otherwise. I found this cardi in one of those 'pick out all the superior clothes' charity shops, when we were invited to an awards ceremony for work - it's wool, with a mad trim of glossy crow-like black feathers, and I was far too hot all that night. Item thinks it's the absolute height of sophistication.

The Boy wore a shirt today (with jeans) and Item said, "Why's everyone dressed so posh?". :)

I didn't wear the cat ear hair clips out of the house, I just found them when I was looking for a necklace to put on. I do love them, and we were going to Art Junky, so they wouldn't have been out of place, but it was raining. I wore my hat with cat ears, so there wasn't all that much difference.


It makes me laugh when you meet a parent, and the first thing they want to say, before anything else, is: 'She dressed herself' - because I do it too. It's like a disclaimer for your kid wearing stuff that looks insane, or doesn't match.

Item can go either way - as I believe I've mentioned, some of the outfits she comes up with sound really ill-advised on paper, but somehow just work in real life. Today she surprised me by appearing in everything purple/indigo, and I kind of liked it.

I can't remember when I bought those shorts. Poor Ites - she kept saying her tights were falling down, and when I looked they were basically round her thighs, but held up by the gusset of her shorts. Tights are a liability.

When we went out, she also put on her blue boots and her purple spotted coat, so she did stick to theme.

Later in the day, she got an amazing bit of face painting - a tiger.


- and she made this hat:

Modest headwear

We met a lot of people today who 'know' Item from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and this hat was a nice way of being able to say, look, I'm not really so insane that I christened my child Item.

Ooh, there's a lot about how people perceive us in this post, isn't there? :/
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