Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 25


I am hunched over because I'm trying to fit into the frame of the iPhone camera.

I got dressed in much brighter clothes this morning, but changed when I remembered I'd be going out to an arthouse film with a friend tonight - I just felt too mumsy for those surroundings. Soon after, she cancelled, but this is what I spent the day in, anyway.

The skirt is more of a petticoat really - two layers of net, with an underskirt for decency's sake, and ribbon at intervals. It's pretty; possibly a bit young for me though. And it's definitely too tight, especially by the end of the day.


We looked after Item's friend this morning, while her mum and dad went to see Skyfall. Obviously, I don't know where all her clothes are from (I do happen to know her boots are by Blowfish, via eBay, because that is the sort of thing her mum and I often chat about) - but she's always dressed beautifully, like a child from a 1940s book illustration, whether that's the flannelette pyjamas she comes to sleepovers in, little pinafores, handknitted arran cardigans, or the knitted stripey pullover she's in here.

Item is wearing another KitschyCoo top, again, another longtime favourite, with the yellow long-sleeved t-shirt from day 19 underneath. You can probably track our laundry frequency via these pictures.

She's also got on these heavy wool shorts from when Boots did a line called Molly and Jack - I loved all their stuff. Later, when she put on her lime green cardigan and green boots, the whole outfit looked really lovely.
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