Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 26

Yeah, so I didn't really ink Item's face and hair in green, and my jumper isn't bright purple, and my hat is striped pale blue, not green. I am learning to hate my scanner (and my own inability to find the time to do much about it).


It was another running day today and I'd resigned myself to drawing my ever-so-slightly-different running clothes, but then I went out and got absolutely soaked, so I did change into some ordinary clothes on my return.

I've got on this White Stuff tunic that I haven't drawn very well - it has blue and green blobs on it and botanical line drawings of leaves over the top, and a pair of pockets. It also has this mimsy placket with lace and buttons on it, which I hate. I am against plackets. If that is even the word.

I looked peeved because I've noticed how big I look in the mirror, especially my tummy, even after all that running.

Yes, I would like to adhere more closely to the random criteria for what society demands of its females, please. So sue me.


I did two Items, to show the difference between her when she's just woken up and flopped into her clothes, and then half an hour later with brushed hair and a smart coat over the top. She was complaining she was tired when she woke up - which is rare - and she was complaining when she got back from school, too. The Boy has a cold, so maybe she's getting it too.

I really like this smart purple polka-dot John Lewis coat, which is such a nice shape. We got it for about £0 in the boxing day sales last year, online. The flower hair grip was a pound in Velvet's sale basket yesterday. Adding the hot pink scarf was her own idea, but it looked pretty chic.

Her top is a Noa Noa kids' one, heavily reduced in one of the North Laine's baby shops. I very rarely put her in pale colours because she's so pale skinned, but this was fine with her usual lime green cardi over the top.

The cords are ones The Boy picked up - I think probably from H&M - when Item got obsessed with Charles Dickens, and wanted to dress up as Oliver Twist. As you do.

The socks are ancient, part of a set with things like 'princess day' (ugh) and 'sunny day' and things on them.
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