Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 27

Ha, self-image slipping, much?

Not a great combo today, TBH - fine on paper, doesn't really work in reality. The t-shirt is from a couple of years back when sleeves suddenly went puffy, and it's also got these wee pleats sewn onto the front. I like it, in theory.


The skirt was from Hobbs sale. I am not a frequent Hobbs shopper, but I liked this geometric pattern of circle shapes - not too well depicted here - until I started thinking of it as looking more like a giraffe-skin pattern. About ten minutes after wearing it for the first time.


You've seen most of Item's outfit before, bar the socks which were passed down by her friend Ruby. They seem to have gone from being way too big to hardly fitting, with no in between state.

Seen: pants. Not sure why these particular jeans seem to slip down so much.
Tags: baby, clothes, drawing, me
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