Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 28

Oh, look at my beautiful complexion and excelent bone structure. What am I, Jules Oliver? I suppose I can choose my own level of truthfulness when I'm drawing myself...


Running day, came home and changed into the comfiest dress on earth and other clothes you've seen before. I reckon those black jeans are front-runners for 'most worn' during this project/my life.

That snood, which I was also wearing yesterday, was a panic buy when the trigeminal neuralgia set in two winters ago.


Item is in a white long-sleeved Boden t-shirt which has a huge red apple printed off-centre. She's sitting on one of these, if you're wondering.

I picked the jeans up in Peacocks when she started going through the knees of all her other ones, and I decided she was too nearly growing out of them to make them worth patching.

They're boys' jeans. The girls' jeans were something like £4 more expensive, and thinner material. I should probably be outraged about this, but I'm not that familiar with Peacocks, so I don't know whether their pricing is always that way, or whether it was just the way the various special offers had panned out that week. I am pretty sure, from anecdotal evidence, though, that tougher clothes and shoes for boys are the norm across a large number of shops - I've even seen the marketing in Clarks reflect this.

I don't have a </patriarchy> t-shirt to wear and draw in this project, but anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know I've been eyeing some up.
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