Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Day 30


Last day! I'll be making a post later (tonight or over the weekend) with some thoughts about this whole project, but here we are on day 30.

It was a running day. It was cold enough to run in my hoodie (and gloves, and a Seasalt hair wrap which I wasn't wearing when I took the reference photo for this image).

The hoodie says MOCKDUCK. I remember ordering it from Neighborhoodies when I was quite new to LJ, indeed, to the internet, and when summoning stuff to arrive at your door, from another country no less, seemed like some kind of magic. It was like an LJ thing. Word went round that you could get these ace hoodies, and they could have anything on them, &etc. I ended up getting this one, one for The Boy (THE BOY) and a tiny t-shirt saying ITEM (which is still tucked away in my pants drawer with the few of her baby clothes I can't give away).

It's navy-er than that, and more voluminous actually. And it has paint splashes on it.

The jeans on top of running tights, and woolly bundling up comes as a result of working from home, in an flat that is unheated in the day time, at a job which doesn't require much moving around.


It was cold this morning, so I picked out this wool dress that is so straight up-and-down that Item looks like an ironing board in it. It was she who rummaged around in her underbed drawer and found the matching hat, then tucked every last bit of her hair into it.

It's only through this project that I've really realised just how much of her wardrobe has come from kindly bestowals by grandparents.
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