Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

I really enjoyed this Radiolab podcast about Mel Blanc, the man who did the voices for Bugs Bunny, Barney Rubble, Foghorn Leghorn, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, etc.

It's only 20 mins - and worth it. There were three stand-out bits for me, but they are spoilers.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Spoilers:

One is the anecdote that the whole podcast is based on - that the only thing that got Blanc out of a coma after a dreadful car crash was the phrase 'What's up, Bugs?' (not 'Doc', sadly, but it's still a good story).

Another is that Blanc voiced Barney Rubble in the first 50 (if I heard correctly) episodes of the Flintstones *from his hospital bed*.

And the last is what Blanc has on his gravestone: That's All, Folks".

These days, I always seem to be on the lookout for people who have or had enviable careers. Voicing cartoons must be one of the ultimate examples of 'you can't learn it at school', yet what an immensely satisfying job.

The Boy made the point that these characters are all based on high-profile celebrities/politicians of the time. These days, hardly anyone remembers them, but most of us know their cartoon versions.

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