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All right, so this lovely thing happened.


I've had this Gudrun Sjoden dress pinned to my wish I could justify that Pinterest board for.. well, for 25 weeks, according to Pinterest itself.

Something about the pattern and the colours really appealed to me, and the cut is one of the few that actually suits my frame.

It had become a benchmark in my mind - I'd see a cheaper dress that I liked, in a shop, and think, 'yeah, but if I buy two like that, I might as well buy the Cirkus dress, and the Cirkus dress is definitely twice as nice as that, so..'

As we know, it's quite easy to justify any purchase with this sort of logic eventually. 'Ooh, I'm so good, I didn't buy these fourteen things I briefly liked the look of, so now I can definitely reward myself with the thing I really want'.

And that's the stage I'd reached last week. The Gudrun sale was on, my resolve had weakened, and I was going to buy the dress.

Until... disaster!

The tweet says it all. The leggings were still available, the tunic was there, but there was no dress to be had. And that's when the amazing thing happened. Gudrun Sjoden tweeted me to say they'd look out for a dress and send it to me, if I'd draw it here.

Talk about an offer you can't refuse - why, even if I'd bought it with my own money, you know I'd be sitting down to draw that thing.

Now in the end, they couldn't actually locate a dress in my size, and they sent me the tunic. I have to say, I wouldn't have chosen the tunic myself, BUT, now I've tried it, I'm sold. It comes with a belt, and you can wear the tunic Robin Hood style, a little bit pulled over the belt, which - rather than emphasise voluminous post-baby tummy, which I suppose was my fear - actually looks rather nice. This tunic is going to be paired with black skinny jeans and boots all autumn long.

gudrun top me only

It *was* fun to draw - though you'll note that I didn't draw the whole pattern. Artistic licence!

gudrun bag

To make the whole thing even more special, it came in not only a floral-patterned envelope, but a polka dot tote bag. It's as if they knew about me and polka dots.

And there you are, my first ever 'sponsored post'. Almost certainly my last, though, y'know, if Fat Face, Bravissimo, Boden, or *breathes* Marimekko would like me to draw myself in any of these, I am right here, and, evidence shows, fully amenable. :)
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Brilliant! Lovely tunic, lovely drawing, lovely offer. And FWIW, I'd never heard of the brand but will look out for them now I know they make nice things and do awesome customer service.
Exactly! With my social media hat on (scary image), I must say they know what they're doing. I love their clothes, and a large proportion of my readers are women of a similar age/tastes, so I hope they will too.

I hate to say I told you so.


You did tell me so, it is true. I still think I like the dress better, and have, as you also suggested, set up an eBay alert. So maybe one day I'll know for sure which I prefer.
I would wear that tunic. Most tunics have too much stuff going on. I want the busy-ness in the pattern. Now I am envious of your tunic.
The tunic is still available, or was last time I looked. It could be yours!
I am having a think on it. I need to look at my wardrobe and see what I can thoughtfully pair with it to make it genuinely work. It is nearly time for the yearly cull/look through of what can go elsewhere, what needs to be tossed, and so on. I am trying very hard to find good quality pieces that can work with A LOT of things. And is kind of reasonable with how I live now.

Of course my fancy dresses always stay. Because now and then I go and venture into civilization and want to live it up a little.
It looks nicer in your drawing than on the model - they should either get you to illustrate their catalogues, or design their fabrics.
Cor, that'd be a nice job. I will say one thing for Gudrun Sjoden though - they are the only company I know who consistently use older women as models. Beautiful older women, sure, but it is really refreshing.

Now if only they weren't also all super-skinny, I guess.