Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Our week in Frome

Tags: drawing, holidays
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Hoorah! Thanks for finishing it, your sketch diaries make me happy! I like Item's enthusiasm for Catchphrase and your skewering of the smugger bits of Frome.
Aw, it's worth while if people enjoy it :)
Hope Frome doesn't mind...
It'll live - Former New Manager has just moved there and wants to talk about how marvellous it is all the time! (He's still planning to commute to Clapham Junction every day, so I'm a bit concerned by your reports of the tiny train line...)
Hm, that does seem optimistic! It was an hour to Bristol, which seemed ridiculous until we had to wait at Westbury for twenty minutes and all became clear. I will be interested to find out how he gets on. Are you close enough that you might get invited down for a holiday?