October 17th, 2010

Raspberry surprise

Surprise house

We've officially given up house hunting for the time being, having made the decision to try to improve our finances (The Boy getting a job and me trying to get a new one too) before we start looking again. This house was a factor in that decision: at approx 40-50K more than we can spend, it's the sort of thing I guess we were hoping we'd be able to afford before we did all the sums.

But, yesterday the estate agent rang me to say that a house we'd asked to view previously, and which had sold before we could see it, had come back on the market. The poor buyer has been made redundant and can't commit to it any more.

It is very similar in layout to the house with the crazy kitchen tiles, and a couple of others we've seen: the lounge/dining room have already been knocked through, and additionally it has a little conservatory (constructed of breeze-blocks and a plastic roof, so not exactly le dernier cri). The main bedroom is that bit bigger, as the house is wider. What's more, the previous seller had got as far as having builders round, and they reckon it's all structurally sound but for a tiny bit of damp that's come through in the bedroom.

On the negative side, the kitchen is covered in Artex, and the back garden was covered in concrete which has cracked and shifted quite badly.

Anyway, we're in two minds really. On paper it seems like a good deal: like the other places we've seen, it'll only go up in value with redecoration, new kitchen etc. It's on a very desired road.

But, we realise we are not in love. At this price band, I fear we are unlikely to be in love. I know that my desire for a tower or a converted school or whatever is probably never going to come to fruition, but there is still a part of me that rebels against being in a cookie-cutter house in a row of terraced streets.

I dunno - we probably could love it, once it was all done up and our own stuff was in there... but I'm leaning towards sticking to our first plan, of waiting til we're better off, and moving to somewhere bigger. Plus, everyone keeps saying there's a crash coming. And interest rates set to rise. And we'd feel really silly if we bought at the peak of the prices, wouldn't we? :)