Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Secret Santa reveals all

This is a Secret Santa round-up post. I believe that everyone who participated is on my friends' list, so hopefully you will all see this. Know otherwise? Then pass the message along.

If you have written about the gift you received, please be so kind as to comment below with a link to your post. Ideally, your post should be unlocked, since not all gifters are friends of their giftees.

If you have *not* posted about your gift, you may wish to write about it below, instead. Feel free to make a stab at who the giver was, state it if you know for certain, or confess that you have no idea. Or maybe you prefer not to know.

I'll start off by repeating what I wrote yesterday (because it was within a locked post) :

lurpak gave me this stunning set of letterpress number blocks (which got my mother-in-law reminiscing about her print-setting dad), and a couple of vintage art books. Sweetest of all was a small crocheted blanket for Item's toys. This is particularly useful given the multiplication of the number of toys she possesses since this morning. Thanks so much, Kristina!
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