Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

We should all tickle more

I am at this very moment enjoying a plate of six Devonshire cheeses, plus crackers (one caraway, one wholemeal) from the Ticklemore Street cheese shop in Totnes. We went in there on Thursday and, faced with the bewildering plethora behind their counter, I asked them to choose me a selection of the strongest-tasting examples: one goat's, two blue, one smoked, and two soft. The knowledgeable, smiling woman behind the counter cut tiny slithers for me, the Boy and Item to taste, and we came away with a carrier bag containing the cheeses, crackers, and strong chilli chocolate. Oh, and some 'knobs' which are really just brown bread rolls, gone stale. The shop-keeper was concerned when she learned we'd be travelling by train, since they are quite pungent choices, but we didn't have any complaints. Her other concern, that we wouldn't be able to eat them all before the best before dates, also appears to be groundless. Item and I practically ate ourselves into lactose intolerance yesterday while we tried to decide which cheese would 'win' our taste competition.

Fine foods - a good way to carry over that holiday feeling.
Tags: food, holiday, totnes

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