Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

What should Item draw next? 1: a monster

We cracked open the paint box when I got home from work, but I have to say that neither of us was really in the optimal mood for art. Item starts school tomorrow and I guess her anxiety is manifesting itself in whinginess. And I'm just common or garden knackered.

I let her pick out what she wanted to draw from the list, and she went for winnie07's choice, a monster.

Monster by Item

I thought I'd draw one as well:

Monster by me

Rather astutely, Item pointed out that this monster wasn't scary, it was scared.

We'll try to get onto some of the other topics shortly. I am particularly looking forward to 'a plate of buns', although some explanation might be required first, as Item started talking about how she'd paint them with tomato sauce on them. Maybe she was thinking of a hot dog bun?
Tags: art, baby, item art
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