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"Mummy, author"

Item has a pair of new words, and they are very important to her. So important that she likes to repeat them at random times.

She had to take a shoebox in for school, filled with things that 'represent' her or which mean a lot to her, so that she could talk about them and introduce herself to everyone in the class. Unfortunately, only a couple of weeks in, its our first classic homework fail, as Item told us on Monday morning that it was due in that day (the note she'd brought home on Friday night didn't say when; in retrospect I suppose we ought to have sussed it meant right away in that case).

'We hope you and your child have fun choosing objects to put in the box together' said the note, or words to that effect. Yes, we had a lot of fun during the ten minutes that Item sat on the sofa while the boy and I raced round chucking things in.

What she ended up with was: a Magic key book; a paintbox and brush; a Charlie and Lola figure; a Peter Pan(d)* figure; her teddy bear Toot; a biscuit-cutter to represent baking; a photo of her with me and my parents; the Guardian Weekend magazine so she could talk about being in it. If we'd had time I would have found photos of the cats and one with the Boy/his parents in, too.

Quite a nice exercise if you remove the element of panic. What would be in a box about you (or your child)?

*Her pronunciation - hope we haven't made her a laughing stock.
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