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This beautiful doorstep is just minutes from Brighton Station. Nice Italian Colleague and I were plotting over how we could do the same to my own doorstep, until I remembered that we're leasehold, and the doorstep is communal. Presumably even doing the back step would be against the terms of our lease. :(

Mosaic doorstep

Also, I imagine Item would want to get involved at which point the project might well go to pot.

Today, I decided to wander up to the Seven Dials at lunch time and get a Moroccan soup with flatbread cut into squares. Seven Dials was interesting when I lived there, but now it's full of even more quirky boutiques and cafes.

We have subscribed to Okido, an independent comic made by illustrators. Anyway, I wandered into a dangerously well-stocked shop full of goodies by Rice and Sukie and so on, and I picked up a copy of what is presumably a rival comic, Anorak. In theory, I really like both of them: non-shiny paper so kids can colour in properly; illustrational styles straight from art-school, and a slightly anarchic edge. I dislike Anorak more because it has fashion pages and 'hey here are some cute things you can buy' pages, just like adult magazines.

I mean, obviously either option is better than Dora the Explorer comic. I'm treading water until Item is old enough for Puffin Post. It shaped me, now it can mould her in my likeness.

I spent my childhood making comics. Maybe that's what I ought to be doing now, as well.

Seven Dials garage


Bike park


Buckingham Road vines


Kiwi fruit


Kiwi fruit, pumpkin, pear.
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