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Web Editor job

Exuberant Boss is still recruiting, and hoping to do so via the power of Twitter (I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little help from its social media kin, the blog - so feel free to spread the word).

These tweets really brought back exactly what it was like to work for him:

Web Editor Job: Would like to give Twitter a shot at helping me recruit for new role. Please RT any of following 5 tweets. I want it to work

Web Editor Job: Fantastic opportunity for a Web Editor position in London in truly exciting volunteer abroad/"responsible tourism" sector.

Web Editor Job: Looking for excellent candidate with loads of personality, totally intolerant of bad English, great web writer. Please DM me

Web Editor Job: Job is in London, but some flexibility for superb candidate with track record. Please DM me for details.

Web Editor Job: Social media a big component of job, working with very talented team. Please RT, and DM me for details.

Web Editor Job: Lots of conversations about metrics, visitor paths, weird & wonderful, and major social media component. Please RT.

Thanks for tolerating a bunch of tiresome tweets - but am genuinely curious to see if I can recruit this way. The right candidate is here.

"Weird and wonderful" was the perk of the job I used to enjoy most when he was sitting in the manager's office.

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