Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

On ice

Oh, I forgot to say. Sorry, lots of posting today...

While I was out sledging with Item, I noticed two boys walking on the frozen-over pond. Actually, I'd already copped one of these boys before because he was sledging recklessly on a piece of cardboard about five inches wide, and he had no gloves on, and I thought 'Where is that boy's parents?'. I guess they were about 7.

So anyway, the pond didn't actually look like it was about to give way, but it was on the news yesterday that someone did die when they went through some ice elsewhere in the country, so I thought I'd better have a word (I am a bit of a busybody parent when it comes to things like this).

I told them to get off the ice, and why, and said I was sure their parents would say the same. Of course, in the way of kids everywhere, they wanted to explain *why* they were on the ice (some game involving chasing their sledge) rather than to actually saying they'd be getting off it or whatever. Oh, and when I told them about the man dying, one of them said, "Well, my brother went through the ice once, and he was fine."

Ha ha, it's obviously a family trait, then. What they did was stay on the pond for another two minutes, just so it didn't look like they were actually listening to me, and then they came off.
Tags: brighton, parenthood

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