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Sketchcrawl was a disaster in terms of attendance, timescale and quantity, but I did do a couple of drawings before I felt too ill to continue. Just uploaded them, along with a couple of doodles from home. Nothing special, but not as bad as I feared. Where they are coloured, the paint was added at home.


I think this was a homeless man, but I suppose he might just have been an unshaven Brighton type. So hard to tell the difference. It wasn't that cold, but he was in his woolly hat, thick gloves and a tweed coat over a jumper. He's reading Cerebus. He looked like his eyes were closed but actually I think he was just reading at a very downwards angle.


Just people reading in the magazines section.


This is coloured with gouache, the opacity of which I'm still getting my head round. I'm just not as used to it as watercolour. The woman was outside the plate-glass windows drinking her coffee and the man was inside, reading. The hardest thing was trying to get the effect of her dark roots and peroxide hair tips. Not entirely managed.


That's The Boy in the foreground and a man eating a pastry on the left.


Back at home, Item drawing. I've just been colouring this in and will post the results when it's dry enough to scan. These days I've started calling her Toop a lot for some reason.
Tags: baby, brighton, drawings, sketchcrawl, the boy
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