Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

And that first day on the course post again, this time in pictures.


In the foyer, waiting to be told where our courses are.

Display by the library.

The sink in the studio - always love a good studio sink.

My mood board.

Other students putting theirs together, plus the sophisticated chartreuse chairs. One of my classmates (not shown) has the most tremendous tattoos, one of a cat with wings which I really want to get a photo of before the course ends.

Queen's Park from yesterday; passengers from too early this morning.

Fountain plus more passengers.

Tutor with quotes: "Paris Hilton makes a mockery of what we do" and "Other people's rubbish is your goldmine". Reasonably good likeness as it goes.

Also, passengers on the way home.

Passenger. Much easier drawing on the way home - more people were immersed in chats, phones, newspapers and books. Would have expected it to be the other way round, but a good quantity of people just stare into the middle distance at ow o'clock in the morning.
Tags: drawing, escape plans, photos
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