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I finished the sketchbook I've had on the go, sporadically, since April! I started a new one, and after a couple of difficult sketches (which I didn't pull off that well; people kept moving), a woman, who I'd had the feeling had been watching me, said it was nice to see people drawing. We chatted all the way home after that and so ironically I didn't do any more drawing at all, but guess what, she's moving to Totnes, where she and her husband will buy a house and she'll get a studio and run art courses, sigh. They are moving because Brighton is too noisy - their house is apparently right behind the Old Market. Hmm.

Today, we started putting our mini collections together for the course. After some initial reticence, I was rather pleased with the two pieces I did today, and I have clear ideas for the final two tomorrow.

Also, the tutor taught us how to do repeats properly and even helped me do one with my stir-fry pattern. Also also, if I have time tomorrow, I might make an extra border pattern with some of my passenger drawings, just for larks.

At lunch time I walked to Blade, the rubber stamps shop a few minutes from St Martins, but now I know how to make stamps so easily, it didn't seem worth buying any. For lunch I had some food from one of these new types of places that seem to be springing up in central London, where they sell you incredibly healthy food with very few calories, like miso soup, nori wraps and avocado salads. Packed into a solid-colour cardboard tray with a curvy lowercase logo on it. Look at the calorie counts on that!

First thing this morning, I stumbled on the loom room.


OK, stages. Here's my 'all over' print, step by step.

First, I painted masking fluid on the pattern elements and painted over it all with watered-down Quink.


Then I decided I really liked the look of that, and panicked a bit in case additional modifications worsened it, and took a photo to remember it by in any case.


Here's an exciting bit; excuse the sight of my scummy hands. I dried the masking fluid with a hairdryer (not all that necessary actually: the heat was already making it rubberise on my palette) and pulled it off like sunburnt skin.


With the mask removed.


I splayed the hairs on a semi-dry brush and stencilled the inners on the clouds. Originally there was also going to be a green in the palette too, but I decided to keep it simple and stick with grey, pink, blue and white. Hopefully this won't impact too negatively on the other designs.

Quite pleased with this for a first attempt: I said it looked like a child's raincoat or a Boden tunic, but tutor said she could see it hanging in Wickle(!).

After lunch, I started on my border pattern, which I'm going to show on a skirt.
As before (because we have to use the same set of techniques, to a greater or lesser proportion, plus the same colours), I masked some elements:



Painted over with ink;


And removed mask before stencilling. I would actually buy this skirt if I saw it in, say, White Stuff. I'm not super-keen on the batik effect of the resists - I think if I was to do it for real, I'd paint by hand within pencil guidelines.

But in brief, I'm really pleased with what I've done so far and very much looking forward to doing a dress (stripe) and maybe a vest (ditsy) tomorrow.

Talking of which, I now can't look at a pattern on anyone without categorising it as ditsy, allover, stripe or border. And I have mad impulses to whip out my camera and photograph random people's clothes. This is what St Martin's does to you.

Yesterday, someone on Twitter said London is a funny place.Just seen a guy buskin usin a traffic cone as a trumpet.he's pretty good.ha ha

Well, today, and you'll guess the end of this story, I came out of Farringdon station and heard a loud tootling rendition of 'When the Saints Come Marching In' and wouldn't you know it, guy on the street with massive traffic cone to his lips. So now I need to know whether this was the same guy, or whether it's a new busking trend that's sweeping the capital.

Mostly all I could think was how dirty a thing it looked to touch with your mouth.

I love the walk from Farringdon through Holborn. I wish I wasn't in such a hurry in both directions. There are so many interesting buildings, streets and shops. I've become briefly lost three or four times, but the basic grid shape helps. The streets have interesting names, like Bleeding Heart Yard, Saffron Hill, and Jockey's Fields, and then some of them ring buried chimes, like Hatton Garden and Grey's Inn Fields. There's a design studio with frosted windows on every street. There's a cyclists' club and a magic shop which I didn't notice today, so maybe it's only visible on Wednesdays. Ornate Orthodox churches, thirties social housing looking all airy and desirable, plane trees, markets, squares.

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