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A day in Shoreham on Sea

Day trip to Shoreham on Sea today, a very short trip down the railway line. Why haven't we done this for so long? It's lovely. Highpoint for me was seeing two swans fly past while we were on the beach: I thought 'Huh? Big seagulls' and by the time I realised, it was too late to get the camera out. We also saw a little egret.




We did beach, playground. Next time, we ought to do playground, beach (or bring a change of clothes) since Item got her knickers wet, removed them and did some quite despicable flashing *on the zip wire* in the playground. Mortified doesn't quite cover it.



Beach-house envy. If that doesn't inspire quite enough envy, we also saw this one in an estate agents' window. Forget cupboards under the stairs; this one seems to have a pond under the stairs (picture 7).

We had chips on the beach, a stroll past the amazing houseboats (some of which are junk works of art and some - fewer - of which are modernist masterpieces), a bout in a playground full of excellent and novel equipment, and coffee in Teddy's Cafe which had the most incredible array of cakes in the window (the teddies were still safely on their bollards).



This is the most famous one, I think: it consists of an entire coach, split down the middle lengthwise and widened, and welded to the top of the boat.



It looked like walking past the houseboats was a popular bank holiday pastime.







There may be no gardens, but there is a steep, narrow strip of waste land between the path and the houses on the other side, which in places was being used to grow healthy-looking crops of sweetcorn and cabbage, and in other spots had been used most imaginatively for a slide, swing and fort.



A houseboat was for sale at £165,000 - it is reassuring to know that if I lost my job and we couldn't pay the mortgage here, there might be cheaper options; although I imagine we'd be sunk - literally - the minute any repairs had to be made. Neither of us is very handy.

The houseboats have their own wiki/website here - apparently, they are trying to collate information on every boat ever moored there. There's also a Flickr group for photos of them.
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