Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

What will the third thing be?

It has been the most ridiculous day ever. Went to a meeting with my manager and a developer, felt slight discomfort in my eye, went back to my desk. Another colleague asked me a question, I turned to answer her, and she looked aghast - a blood vessel had burst in my eye.

Burst blood vessel

Came home, decided to decorate a cake for the White Stuff competition (the Brighton branch is 5 years old and if you win the best cake award, you get £100 worth of vouchers, ie about 2 items of clothing).

Finished the decorating, reached up into high cupboard to get the Tupperware box out, the lid fell and hit me on the mouth, so now I also have a fat lip. :(
Tags: ill, me, photos, work
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