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Public post!

After many evenings going through my online archives and formatting scans from yellowed sketchbooks, my online portfolio is finally ready. You can see it here. Constructive criticism is welcome, but not as welcome as fulsome praise of course. Just more useful.

Carbonmade was recommended to me by a pal on Twitter and after a rocky start when it didn't save any of my captions, I have been getting along with it very well. When we have got an assured regular income again, I'll almost certainly upgrade, so their 'give a little bit' business model works well. There's a buzzy name for that, which was floating round the internet a few months ago, but I'm darned if I can remember it. Some dreadful portmanteu word like 'freescription'.

Anyway, point is, go and look at my artwork. Then come back and give me some feedback from a different perspective than mine. If you want to, of course.
Tags: drawing
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