Mock Duck (mockduck) wrote,
Mock Duck

Peppa Pig World!

Oh additionally, now that the first paycheque has come in, and other money has also been trickling in, in the way it always seems to, all at the same time, it is time to hold good on my promise to Item (and myself, if truth be known) that we will pay a visit to ...

..dah dah DAH...

Peppa Pig World!

My plan so far is that we take a train to Lymington, previously identified as a possible good place for a short break anyway, and stay overnight in a B&B there, before having the whole of the next day to jump in muddy puddles and ride on George's dinosaur. And then home.

I still have to figure out all the details... and you know it WILL be me figuring them out :/ I very much like the look of this B&B, but I can't figure out if kids can sleep in their rooms. They say they are kid friendly, but you can only book a room for two. Hm, maybe you're meant to be one parent, one kid. Great website otherwise though.

Time to send an enquiry I think.
Tags: holidays
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