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Catch-up post: Royal Wedding


No better reason to wear a bird on your head than a royal wedding

It was the second consecutive long weekend last week, because of the royal wedding on Friday. I seem to be typical of most of my friends in that I'd only intended to tune in to see the dress and to let Item see enough to say in future years that she'd seen it, only to have the telly on at 8am and get sucked in to the psychological details of it all: how Kate's parents must have felt in what must have been a truly surreal day for them; how Camilla would compose herself when everyone (of my age, at least) was thinking back to Diana's wedding; why people are prepared to line the mall for hours on end, just to get a glimpse of the married couple.

In any case, on Wednesday, Item had started agitating that she'd like a royal wedding party. At heart, The Boy and I are republicans, even if as a 13 year old girl I did have a rather mawkish Lady Di scrapbook (shh, pretend you didn't hear that). We hadn't talked about the wedding much to Item, but it had come up at school, and there's nothing Item likes better than an excuse for a party.

Fortunately she didn't mind too much when the only one of her friends available to watch was Flo-from-across-the-road. What she liked best was the idea of making invitations, cakes and bunting, I think. They both put on princess attire and got bored of watching the TV pretty early; I called them when there were significant bits, and they spent the rest of the time playing in Item's room, making biscuits with The Boy (who let the entire event go by unobserved but to come in when I called him, in complete incredulity, to witness the positioning of Victoria Beckham and Tara Palmer-Tompkinson's tiny hats, right in the middle of their foreheads. I tell you, even if that becomes high street fashion, you won't get me sporting a comedy forehead-hat), and playing Scrabble.

For what it's worth, I wasn't overly keen on the dress. I understand that Kate (or, presumably, her advisers) did well to pick a timeless design and that it needed to be modest. The silhouette was rather nice, I suppose, especially in that picture where it's all pulled out. I'm just not big on lace and I don't think the cut was perfect for her figure. Then again, I doubt the royals care much about my opinion.

In the event, Item sat on the remote control in the middle of the vows, so we didn't see them all. :) And then I had to explain to Flo and Ites what the vows mean and they were horrified by "all my wordly goods".
"Item," said Flo, "that means you'd have to share your whole Pez collection".
"I am never getting married," said Item, and Flo agreed.

That afternoon, Grace came round to play and they found a hole in the big bramble hedge out the back of our garden, which allowed them to get right inside the bush. In her nightly bath, Item's second front tooth came out, leaving her with a classic double gap and an unfortunate air of Alfred E Neuman about her.

"I can't believe it! My tooth fell out AND I found a den on the day of the royal wedding", she sighed happily.

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