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Catch-up: last Sunday


A Rottingdean garden

Well, the plan was to go to the boot sale at the Marina and then on to Rottingdean, en famille, but we ended up buying this:

Item's bootsale bargain

so The Boy went home with it and Item and I went on to Rottingdean. The Art Cafe is still there, still catering admirably for kids with "silly sandwiches" and the decorate-your-own-biscuit sugarfest. Got to say, they kept this mummy happy too with a rather excellent eggs florentine.

Pudding. They are are v clever here. Item wearing the hat she talked me into buying at TK Maxx.
That is my hat.

At the Art cafe

We walked round the beautiful Kipling Gardens, Item showing surprisingly little interest in the fact that the writer of her beloved Jungle Book had once lived here, then went and fished through the rockpools, with I-Spy Beaches spurring us on. My brother and I used to have the I-Spy books: well I remember the excitement of working towards that certificate. In our day, it was signed by Big Chief I-Spy; I assume that's politically incorrect now, and in any case, it's the Michelin Man you send your books off to.

Apart from some impressively-coloured winkles (and I am talking about shells; remember, The Boy wasn't with us), the only living creature we found in the rock pools was this odd thing:


(those aren't the creature's false teeth; they are jelly ones that Item dropped, having inexplicably missed them during her earlier sugar binge). The question on everybody's lips is, is it an anemone?

I hope it isn't and then I will put a speech bubble on the photo, reading, "With fronds like these, who needs anemones?", the credit for which, unfortunately, I can't take myself. That honour goes to the older brother of Seasoned Mother, circa 1986.
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