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A new member of the household

Blimey, my entire Flickr stream is Instagram these days: it disturbs me slightly when a new technology so unassumingly fills a need and usurps a previous one. I have a chronic pain in my thumb tendon, though, and I'm almost sure it's from holding my iPhone every time I go anywhere, even to the loo; also, a nagging feeling that being always with the phone, never with a book, is perhaps not the right example to give Item.

Anyway, thanks to elaine4queen, whom I have now actually MET and had DINNER with, and petted the DAWG of, we are now a three-bike household.

My new wheels

Yes, behold her beloved Brompton, now taking pride of place in our bedroom while I suss out ways it will fit into our life. One way, the way that persuaded me, was the Boy saying that it'd be good if we owned enough bikes for us three all to go out together. But the official excuse is that I take it to mySociety work days. This is a tad more complicated than a normal commuter's needs - our work days have all, so far, been in locations completely new to me, adding a factor of the unknown.

elaine4queen had to baby me through the folding and unfolding process several times before I was confident enough to take it home on the bus-train-ride route, and I'm still not 100% confident I have 'got' the rolling it along position. I may need new 'easywheels' - the clever wheels that sit on the back rack until the bike is folded up, whereupon they touch the floor.

Last night, I needed to go up to Covent Garden for a 7.30pm pub meet, and was all set to go to London Bridge, and cycle along the South Bank (and I'd go home down the Mall), and then just before I was due to set out, the heavens opened in Brighton and I ended up bussing it. Which worked out better probably, because, arriving early, I used the time to browse through some shops, not easy with the Brompton in tow I shouldn't think, and then the pub was rammed - and Robin, who had brought his, was embarrassed that he kept tripping people up. Then when I got back to Brighton it was 11.30 and I was far too knackynoonahed to even think about cycling home, which is mainly uphill anyway.

So you see? But I will persevere because I think it will ultimately work. Next meet-up is Birmingham, my old university town. Am looking at it with this expression o_0 as it's a 3.5 hour trip each way and a £100 ticket price. Cycling through Birmingham may also run the risk of making me feel like I'm 18 again, even if they have ripped down the entire city centre and rebuilt it.

I found and syndicated this Brompton blog, which I like because the writer is obvs as much interested in shoes and Orla Kiely bags as in the bike: cyclinginheels. Frivolous, yes, but sometimes (ok, tapping into my innermost fears these days, all the time) that's good.
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