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More photos from Hebden Bridge

So I left you dangling with the photo of the cafe k425 took us to eat in. After that, we walked to Walsden along the canal path, with hills all around covered in heather. Item and youngbloke got on famously, playing horses and chatting about Moshi Monsters. We passed about fifty bazillion houses that I would have bought sight unseen, for their location alone.




The next day we were in Halifax for the Eureka! kids' museum. There was a modicum of excitement.


-also from me, when I realised all the signs had been drawn by one of my favourite children's book illustrators, Satoshi Kitamura.


As I said on Twitter (or somewhere, pah, I can't keep up), it's a shame there weren't Kitamura t-shirts and goodies in the gift shop -they'd have got another wodge of cash out of me if there had been.

Instead, I bought Item her first ever packet of Space Dust, which I really remember from my own childhood. I think school banned it because it was getting in the children's scalps or eyes or something? Anyway, it was a sight to see her try it out, and later we bought her a cornet to sprinkle it on.

This was Item's very favourite exhibit - it even had a wobbly tooth.


In the garden outside, you could walk barefoot along a path with many different textures - Item loved that.

Tiger needs fattening up.

Back in Hebden Bridge, where we really were spoilt when it came to vegetarian cafes and options. This might be my favourite picture of the entire holiday.


The day we saw the Alternative Technology Centre, also with youngbloke.


Such a shame all my photos of this moment were out of focus :(
It's worth noting that one morning, Item put on her tiger outfit, strode to the back door, and said, "Right - let's see what the children of Hebden Bridge think of THIS!".

Hockney design
Salts diner, in Salts Mill, Saltaire, where all the plates were designed by Hockney.

In the rain.

Also in the rain.


On our last day, Item and I walked the mile and a half down the towpath from Hebden Bridge to Mytholmroyd (once home of Ted Hughes).


I think I may have been possessed by the spirit of landgirl when I took this.

Item trying to make a convolvulus jump by squeezing its stem. Wardrobe notes: Crocs donated by youngbloke; scarf found in box saying 'please take' along the towpath.



We were very lucky with our timing: there's a train back to HB every hour, and we had just three minutes to wait at the station. The above 2 pictures are very zoomed, cropped, pictures of the landscape directly visible from the platform.
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