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Drawing circus

I did six hours of life drawing today at the Drawing Circus - an event put on by Jake, who runs the classes I used to go to. It was beautiful: there were eight models - seven of them female, in various states of dress/undress with a circus theme. So tutus, corsets, stripy tights galore; and then one male model, with shaved bits. Why do they do that? SO not a good look.

I feel like I must have been in a time warp: I don't seem to have any more drawings than I would have from an hour-long class, though I was drawing the whole time. I found it a bit heavy on the short poses and really didn't find my stride all day - SIGH, this always happens to me at drawing 'events'. As always, I swore to myself that I'd start drawing every day - it should at least get rid of the performance anxiety that makes the first drawings of every session so hideous - but is it even a possibility?

Also, as always I took every medium I possess and as always I ended up in the safe arms of thin-tipped felt pens. Will I ever learn? No.

Huge well done to Jake and the models, and the live musicians though. 100 people, all drawing - went with barely a hitch.
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